10 Reasons Why You Should Not Work Out

1. It takes a lot of time. They say time is money. Stop being the prodigal son. Save some time aka money. In case you don’t know about the prodigal son, invest some time in learning about him
2. It consumes a lot of energy. Energy is precious.We all need to consume it for our own good
3. It takes a lot of patience. You may run out of it. That may lead to severe consequences like falling out with your significant other, spat with the guy at the petrol pump, arguments with your boss that may have far-fetched consequences. You would be safer with some of your patience intact
4. It’s unhygienic in a way. You sweat a lot while working out. Sweat is gross. You should never sweat. Besides, sweat stains on your brand new Cristiano Ronaldo shirt? Can you afford that? Ever?
5. It affects your personality. People stop recognising you as the huffing and puffing dotard. You’re suddenly considered the fitness freak from across the street. Are you really going to do that to yourself?
6. People may not recognise you. When you work out, your physical appearance changes. You lose fat from your face, chest, belly, thighs, back and… well everywhere. You may gain some muscles in the process. The end result is that when you ask for your “usual” at the local pub or food place, you get a stare accompanied by a “And that would be?”. Ain’t that embarrassing?
7. It hits your finance. Working out alters your physique. That results in spending on new cloth, shoes and accessories. Please spare yourself that misery
8. You may be drawn towards unnecessary conversations with unwanted people. You know them. We all know them. People who, till date, barely exchanged greetings suddenly cosy up with you and try to learn how they can do to themselves what you did to yourself, i.e. lose some weight. Don’t walk that path (or park or treadmill) and you will be spared that embarrassment
9. Wasting your time on exercises keeps you away from your favourite PC game or TV series or online date that may lead to a virtual shag. Set your priority
10. Most important. Working out may lead to an accident. If you don’t believe this, sift through YouTube for “gym accidents” or “hit while jogging” or “yoga cramps”

SOURCE: TOU Lifestyle Research Team


6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Not Work Out

  1. This definitely made me laugh out loud. At first I was thinking “what the heck”…but after reading I can surely appreciate the humor and I’ll be sharing this with my friends who always make excuses not to work out.

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  2. I read this and then read it again how funny. You have stated lots of good reasons why not to work out I may try and use these next time I feel I have to go to the gym!! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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