Imran Khan Reaches Out to PM Modi


Recently elected Pakistan PM Imran Khan has come up with a seemingly beautiful offer to India’s prime minister Narendra Modi. He made this proposal on his first official call to the Indian PM on Saturday.

His suggestion sounds unique and out of the box in many ways. If implemented, it has the potential to put the long running Indo-Pak tension surrounding Kashmir to a permanent rest. In fact, not just the Kashmir issue, but several other deadlocks may be broken following frutification of the Pak PM’s suggestion.

Being an erstwhile cricketer, the new PM’s proposal centres around the gentleman’s game. He suggests that India and Pakistan play a ten over veterans’ cricket match with the following rules:

  • Only two people bat for each side
  • Only two people bowl for each nation
  • While the four above mentioned players need to be veterans, the rest of the fielding side will comprise of currently playing cricketers
  • The batsmen do not leave when adjudged out. Rather, the batting side loses ten runs per wicket conceded
  • In case of a tie, the match extends another five overs for each side
  • Other than that, the usual cricket rules apply

As per the proposal, if India wins within the stipulated 10 overs, India keeps its part of Kashmir and Pakistan stops terror funding immediately. If India loses, it forfeits the part of Kashmir that now remains in India. Besides, there are a few other scenarios and associated consequences on top of that. E.g., if Pakistan fails to get either of the Indian batsmen out even once and India wins, Pakistan surrenders Pak occupied Kashmir to India. If, on top of not conceding a single wicket, India also manage to get the Pakistani batsmen out a total of 10 times, Pakistan surrender their half of Kashmir and also pack Dawood Ibrahim to Delhi. If India manage to hit 300 runs in 10 overs, Hafiz Saeed is also packed and sent through to India.

During the conversation, Mr Khan did mention a few terms and conditions pertaining to the present situation. They are:

  • Owing to the bad reputation that the current Pakistan team’s fielding has, they are going to use South Africa or New Zealand national team players for fielding. The Indian team, however, needs to stick to Indian fielders. He insisted that this is only for the sake of equality
  • The match should be conducted at some Pakistani venue or in Sharjah. He has promised that this is just an economic move and has nothing to do with the ease of ball tampering at these locations. He said, “Norry-bhai, your players are all rich kids and can afford to go anywhere in the world. However, my players can only move between UAE, where they live, and Pakistan, where their in-laws are based. That’s why I need those locations.”
  • Mr Khan will himself pick up the players for both sides. In fact, he is accepting veteran players’ applications for the purpose. An arguably reliable source has also mentioned that retired cricketer Shahid Afridi has shown interest in batting for India

Owing to our thin staffing that gets thinner and less sober on the weekends, we were unable to contact the PMO for their comments on this topic.


SOURCE: Watsapp University

Photo Credit: Satish Acharya



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